To inform the consultation phase, preliminary research was conducted in the summer of 2012, including key informant interviews with 60 leaders in BC’s health research community. The responses to the questions asked in these interviews, summarized in the key informant interview report  formed the basis of the consultation activities going forward.

The BC health research strategy initiative consultation phase (March – July 2013) had four major components:

  1. The preliminary scoping of each of five directions with rationale, current status (existing initiatives, gaps), and possible actions under each (a direction description) and the collation of this information into a discussion document (sample document). (Timing: March)
  2. Five focus sessions (one for each direction) where different perspectives may be brought to bear on the initial scoping of each direction to both refine these further and begin to provide input on the relevance and feasibility of the actions identified (Timing: April/May). Read the focus session report
  3. An online survey open to all stakeholders for feedback on the accuracy of the direction descriptions and for further comment on relevance and feasibility (Timing: May). Read the survey report
  4. Five regional workshops (one in each regional health authority area) for feedback on a draft strategy, including relevance of proposed actions for respective regions and the range of health research, policy and decision-making settings across the province. (Timing: June-July). Read the regional workshop report

Following the formal consultation process, stakeholders were invited to a validation workshop in November to provide their advice on best practices/sources of evidence regarding each direction or action and how each of the directions and actions may be realized. Read the validation workshop report.