BC health research strategy consultation winding down

A months-long consultation process designed to solicit feedback from a wide range of health research stakeholders ends July 24 with a final regional consultation workshop in Prince George.

Input from that session, along from feedback from discussions held in other regions of BC, will be summarized in a consultation report that should be available in August 2013.

The regional workshops are just one element of the multi-pronged consultation strategy.  A summary report is now available from the online survey conducted in May and June to solicit feedback from BC’s health research community.

The report highlights the findings from the 950 individuals who completed the survey and offered their feedback on the four elements of the emerging health research strategy: a draft vision and goals, potential provincial level actions, and key research program gaps that a provincial health research strategy could help address.

A more detailed report with additional analysis is currently being finalized and should be published later this month. Read the summary report.

The survey results, along with the regional workshop input and input received from focus sessions (April-May 2013), key informant interviews (summer/fall 2012) and preliminary scoping work done with members of the health research strategy advisory board and reference group earlier this year, will all feed into the development of a health research strategy. The strategy will be drafted this summer with a goal of having it finalized this fall.

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