Survey report shows consensus emerging on health research strategy

The online survey was initially distributed to nearly 3,000 individuals in MSFHR’s database of health research community stakeholders. Members of the BC health research strategy advisory board and other key contacts were also asked to distribute the survey to their own networks. The survey sought input on four elements of the strategy: a draft vision and goals, potential provincial-level actions, and key research program gaps that a provincial health research strategy could address. A total of 950 responses were received, of which 913 were eligible for inclusion.

Preliminary survey results indicate emerging consensus around the strategy’s goals and the key research program gaps. General agreement was also observed around priorities for provincial actions to shape a more comprehensive, coordinated, and systems-oriented approach to health research in BC. The survey indicated work remains to be done in refining the vision for the BC health research strategy. The data suggest a broad cross-section of BC health research community stakeholders are represented in survey responses.

A detailed report will be released after all survey responses have been analyzed – check this website or for updates.

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